Parents and family

Information for parents and family

As a parent, guardian, or family member of a new student here at UOW, we welcome you to the University community!

In the first few months of study, students will experience many new, exciting, and different challenges and will often require extra support from their families and those close to them. 

Some parents find it difficult to take a step back after playing an active role in their child’s academic life. University is often the first big step of a child transitioning into adulthood and for parents it can be challenging to find the right balance of being involved and letting go.

How you can help

  • Know about the support services

Uni life can have many ups and downs. If your loved one feels like they need some help in any area of their UOW life, whether it is in academic or personal areas, encourage them to utilise one of the many free support services available.  No matter how big or small the problem, UOW staff are here to support them.

  • Provide encouragement to get involved in campus life

There is so much more to university life than lectures and tutorials. Students at UOW are encouraged to look after their wellbeing and get the right balance between studying and socialising. Encourage your family member to take time out and enjoy some of the social aspects of life on campus and take advantage of the many opportunities to try something different and make new friends.

  • Keep an eye on key dates

There are plenty of key dates UOW students need to keep track of, like when to enrol in subjects, when lectures commence, when fees are due and when exams are on.


UOW is committed to protecting the privacy of all student information, as required under NSW Privacy laws. This means we are not at liberty to discuss or disclose any kind of personal information about students with parents, guardians, or other family members. Find out about UOW's commitment to privacy.

See UOW for yourself

  • Take a campus tour

Come and visit us and have a look around our main campus. UOW runs free, hour-long tours every Friday between 10am and 3pm throughout the year. Just remember to book in advance.

  • Learn what it's like to be a UOW Student

We follow three current students through their typical day at UOW.

Last reviewed: 14 October, 2016