Not only is orientation a lot of fun, it helps you settle into life as a UOW Student.

If you missed your faculty orientation session, head to your faculty central.

  1. Attend your faculty orientation session

    At these sessions you'll find out information about your course, some handy hints for your first year and meet your classmates.

  2. Pick up your Student ID

    If you haven't already, pick up your student ID card from one of the tents at the festival. Check out the map in the O-Guide (which you'll get at your faculty orientation session) to find your pick-up location.

    You'll be able to pick up your card any time between 11:30am-2:30pm. If there is a line, grab some free food and come back later.

    Remember you'll need to bring a form of photo ID (Passport or Driver Licence) to collect your student card.

  3. Visit the Orientation Festival

    After your session, check out the Orientation Festival where you'll be able to relax to some tunes, grab a free feed, meet Clubs & Societies and check out the services UOW has to offer.

    Make sure you pack a big bag, there's a tonne of freebies.

  4. Explore the campus

    Take a stroll around our campus, find your faculty central, your new favourite café, and important teaching buildings but watch out for the lunch-stealing ducks!

  5. Go to sessions designed to help you make the most of your time at UOW

    Head to a seminar or afternoon event where you can relax, make some friends, and get info designed to help you succeed!

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When to come to your Faculty Session

The time and date that you need to come to campus for your faculty orientation session and the Orientation Festival will depend on what type of student you are.

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