Your first Session

Student studying on a chair on campus

Your first session

Being a new student at UOW is full of firsts, and it can all seem a little daunting, but once you get into the swing of things, we promise it's not that scary! We've put together some information about some of the 'first experiences' that you will have at UOW, so that you can feel prepped and ready to go! 

First journey to campus

* Work out how you are going to get to campus for the first time with the many options available to you including great public transport.
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First class

* Find out where to go, what to bring and what to expect in your first lecture and tutorial at UOW.
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First assignment

* Make sure you are on the right track to complete your first assignment with our checklist of getting prepared.
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First exam

* Get prepared for your first exam. Learn what happens in an exam and read some tips to minimise stress and maximise your results.
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First subject results

* Getting your first subject results means you've finished your first session of uni! Find out how to get them and what to do next.
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Last reviewed: 24 October, 2017