Your essentials

Student writing and #ThisIsUOW

Key dates

Calendar FIND OUT MORE There are some really important dates you need to know as a UOW student.

Student ID

Student ID Card FIND OUT MOREWhen you become a UOW student you'll get a student ID card which you'll use throughout your degree.

UOW user account

Computer FIND OUT MORE Your UOW username and password is your key to accessing important online resources.


students in class FIND OUT MOREWhat are majors and minors? We'll explain what it all means! 

Lectures and classes

lecture theatre FIND OUT MORE There are lots of different types of classes at UOW from lectures to tutorials, practicals and seminars.


Calendar of days FIND OUT MORE After you've enrolled in your subjects, the next step is to enrol in classes. Read our step by step guide.

Faculty contacts

faculty staff helping students FIND OUT MORE If you ever get stuck and need to ask a question specific to your degree, faculty staff will be able to help.

School V Uni

students walking on campus FIND OUT MORE Coming to UOW straight out of school? We've got the main differences between uni and school covered.


Last reviewed: 9 January, 2017