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Enrolling in classes

Once you’ve enrolled in your subjects, you also need to enrol in some classes separately (tutorials, practicals and/or seminars).

Most subjects offered at UOW have a ‘lecture’ where an academic staff member presents course material to a large group, plus one (or more) smaller group classes where you can ask questions and put into practice the material you learnt in the lecture. These classes may be called tutorials, seminars, practicals or laboratory classes. You need to enrol in these classes.

Choosing your class times to suit your lifestyle is one of the best things about uni, however it can be competitive! See below our step-by-step guide to enrolling in your classes.

  1. Find out when classes are on

    Find out what day and time classes are on by checking the subject timetables database. This is a really useful guide before timetable enrolments open.

    TIP: Mock up a timetable

    Mock up a timetable so you know what tutorials you COULD enrol in (there's likely to be a few options), and which ones are out of the question because of other classes that are already set (like your lectures).

    TIP: UOW Online students are not required to enrol in classes

    All UOW Online content is available through the use of eBooks that you can work through as your schedule allows (don't forget though, UOW Online students still have to enrol in subjects!).


  3. Find out when class enrolments open

    Keep an eye on when your tutorial / practical enrolments open by logging into SOLS and selecting 'Tutorial Enrolment' from the left hand menu. You can also view class open times on the Timetabling website.

    TIP: Don't miss class selection

    Be ready - class selections will open at different times for different subjects. So make sure you have a few different options planned in case your preferred option is already full.


  5. Secure a class

    Securing class times can be very competitive. Make sure you are at a computer at the exact time enrolments opens to increase your chances of securing your preferred class times. Once the timetable enrolments open, your subjects' classes will be available to click on under 'Tutorial Enrolment' in SOLS.

    Each subject will detail what you need to enrol in (e.g. a workshop and a tutorial) and you can follow the prompts from there.

    Follow these step-by-step instructions for a detailed look at how to enrol in subjects using SOLS.

    TIP: You can have back-to-back classes

    You can schedule your tutorials and lectures back to back even if they are at opposite ends of campus – your teachers will understand that you'll need a few minutes to get from one class to the next.




Are you having problems?

Clashes? Full classes? Need to swap? Got a problem you need to discuss with your faculty? Find out what to do and who to contact.

Last reviewed: 21 January, 2019