Domestic students

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Domestic students

Congratulations on your offer to study at UOW. Follow the steps below to enrol in your course.

  1. Accept your offer

    To take your place at UOW you will need to accept your offer.

  2. Prepare for enrolment

    Choosing your subjects - Check out our first year enrolment guides (undergraduate students) or the Course handbook (postgraduate students). These will help you with choosing your subjects.

    Get your photo ready
    - You will be asked to upload a photo for your student ID card. Make sure your photo meets our requirements.

    Understand your fee options - Eligible domestic students may have the option to pay their fees upfront or defer the payment. A deferred payment is commonly referred to as the HECS option (Higher Education Contribution Scheme). If you are deferring your fees, you will need to provide your tax file number (TFN) during enrolment. If you do not have a TFN you must apply for one immediately as it will take 28 days for a TFN to be issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It is a mandatory requirement that your personal details at UOW match with your details recorded at the ATO in order for you to access a HELP loan. See our fees website for more information on your options.

  3. Enrol online

    You'll receive an email from UOW with your student number and offer details. Once you have your student number, you can start your enrolment by completing the following steps:

    1. Activate your online student account
    2. Add and confirm your personal details
    3. Complete the government survey
    4. Upload your photo for your student ID card
    5. Select your course offer
    6. Confirm your fees option
    7. Select your major (if applicable)
    8. Add your subjects

    Enrol now

    Need help enrolling? Our Online Enrolment Guideline provides step by step instructions through the enrolment process. Or you can contact us here or call our team on 1300 367 869.


  4. Enrol in classes

    Once you've enrolled in your course and subjects, as you get closer to your first session, you'll need to also enrol in classes (tutorials, practicals and/or seminars) separately. You'll do this using SOLS. Find out more about how to enrol in classes and organise your timetable.


  5. Attend orientation

    Meet people you’ll be studying with, explore the campus, and discover everything UOW has to offer. Head to the Orientation website to find out when you need to come and events on throughout O-Week.

  6. Start your first class

    Check your session dates to find out when your semester starts. In your first class you will get a course overview, find out which textbooks you’ll need, and when assignments are due. Check out our uni essentials to learn more about university life, and download the MyUOW mobile app to keep up to date with what is happening on campus.


Need support?

If you have any questions during the enrolment process, please contact us on 1300 367 869 or You can also visit our frequently asked question page for self help.